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Hotel Rules

- CHECK IN E CHECK OUT: the day of arrival the room is available within 12.00; on the day of departure the room must be vacated by 09:30.

- MEALS: breakfast from 08.00 to 09.30, lunch 12.30, dinner 19.30.
Please be respectful of the times for a better regularity in services
Meals are not reimbursable and recoverable and can not be eaten by other people.
On request possibility of packed lunch.
Meals off locals intended for such use and set off hours, result as extra price. The hotel management, however, reserves the right not to provide meals outside of fixed hours. Guests cannot consume, during meals, beverages of any kind bought out the hotel .

- SAFETY: Management is not responsible for objects and valuables left unattended in common areas and rooms, guests are reminded that there is a safe in each room
It is forbidden: smoking, to enter the rooms relatives, friends or people who do not stay in the hotel. It is banned the use of irons or heaters

- CONDITIONS FOR THE DEPOSIT: All reservations must be guaranteed with a deposit of 30% of the total amount (with a minimum of € 100) to be made with:

    It is necessary to transmit the number and the expiration date of your credit card Visa or Mastercard registered to the person making the booking, to arranging for the pre-authorization *.
    The credit card will not be used except in case of no show or cancellation (after the deadline).

    Payable to:
    Hotel Lido,
    Via D.G. Bado, 27
    17027 Pietra Ligure (SV)
    Specifying the object: Last Name used for the reservation, date of arrival and departure, selected type of room

    Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa
    Intestato a: Hotel Lido
    Codice iban: IT96X0503449471000000120965
    Specifying the object: Last Name used for the reservation, date of arrival and departure, selected type of room
- BALANCE: we accept the following payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Bank check
  • ATM
  • Credit Card (VISA Circuit)
- LATE ARRIVAL OR EARLY DEPARTURE : In case of early departure, guest is required to pay, in addition to what consumed, the maximum price of the room for a period of 3 days. In case of late arrival, guest must give notice to Management and will charge to guest the maximum price of the room for the days of late accommodation.
The late room occupancy does not entitle guest, unless otherwise agreed, to lengthen stay beyond the deadline. If the room booked is not occupied by guest, without notice of the same, before 24.00 (day of arrival), the room in considered free and the reservation cancelled.

- CANCELLATION: In case of a cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival, Management will return the deposit to guest (minus € 40.00 for booking operating expenses).
No refunds will be due if the cancellation occurs between the thirtieth day and the date set for the arrival, or when guest does not comply to the reservation and then does not show up to occupy the reserved room

- TACIT CONSENT: the above conditions are considered tacitly approved at the time of booking.

* WHAT IS THE PRE-AUTHORIZATION? The pre-authorization is a system of verification and guarantee necessary to check the veracity of the credit card provided by the guest upon booking.
The purchase price of your credit card will be reduced by an amount equal to the sum of the deposit. It's a temporary block, a freezing of the blocked sum. This operation does not generate any kind of movement on the bank guest's account because it is not accounted, therefore, IT IS NOT A CHARGE. The authorization is issued by the bank, or from the credit card network operator.
The pre-authorization then allows us hoteliers to "book" a sum of money, before the payment transaction is actually recorded. In this way the hotel is guaranteed in any case with the availability of the amount on the guest credit card. The number of credit card is required to guarantee your reservation, or rather, in case of show up at check-in in the specified date, or do not cancel the room as written in the cancellation policy, the hotel is authorized to charge the card of the corresponding amount.
The duration of the validity of the cancellation policy varies according to the operator and the used credit circuit; the amount, if not used as payment, should return available on guest card after 21 days.

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